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A Day in the Life of an Interpreting Agency.



Working in the office of a sign language interpreting agency is not like working in any other office.

I work at Deafinite Interpreters, an agency based in Exeter, Devon. I am the bookings co-ordinator, so I deal with all the bookings that we receive and try to find suitable interpreters.

I’ve been working with Deafinite for over year now and so far no two days have been the same– so many things crop up, it gets a little hectic sometimes!

Here’s my account of a ‘typical’ day working at a sign language agency.

A day at Deafinite:

08.30: This morning I was greeted with the phone ringing and the answer phone beeping. Most calls first thing in the morning come from people needing immediate assistance. Calls come in at short notice for a variety of reasons and we always try our best to fulfil all booking requests. Sometimes it isn’t possible.

Today I could see that all of our in-house interpreters were already booked up. But luckily, after a few texts and emails to our freelancers we were able to get a registered interpreter. Phew!

09.00: At 9 o’clock our in-house interpreters usually start to file in. This morning our Senior Interpreter, Caron, was the only one due into the office.

10.00: Social media training this morning for me and Carly, one of the directors. We’re trying to integrate as many communication channels as possible and we hired the help of Chris from Q Social Media to introduce us to the compelling world of social media. We set-up a twitter (@DeafiniteTerps) account and updated our Facebook page

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12.00: Just as everyone is thinking about lunch an emergency booking comes in from the hospital. With a bit of calendar juggling we were able to send a member from the in-house team straight there. It’s always a relief when we find someone available for a booking like that as we know how much it can help to improve the situation.

14.00: As it’s a day when the directors are all in there were a few meetings going on in the afternoon. We tend to have a couple of meetings while they’re in to keep everyone up to date.

16.00: The most important thing to do towards to the end of the day is to double check we are on top of all of the bookings.

16.45: Home time. I grab the days post on the way out of the office so all of our correspondence is sent out on time, then head on home.

Working at Deafinite is without doubt an interesting and eventful job to have. We all get stressed out every now and then but we all enjoy coming to work and wouldn’t change any of it for anything!

We are the preferred supplier for the following service providers

  • Devon County Council
  • NHS Devon
  • Exeter City Council
  • Royal Devon and Exeter - NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Devon Healthcare - NHS Foundation Trust
  • Torbay NHS - Care Trust
  • Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education
  • Living Options

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