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Here at Deafinite, we not only concern ourselves with providing good quality interpreting services around the county, we also think about the affect we have on the environment.

Many of us interpreters travel into Exeter to use the offices here, and travel around the county to attend various bookings, we think it is imperative that here at Deafinite we are conscious of our carbon footprint.

In order to minimise this we are encouraged to walk to work or bookings wherever possible, which doesn't only help the environment but keeps us fit and healthy too! Some of us interpreters also cycle into Exeter. At first this was a concern for the Directors as there was a worry that if an emergency booking came in, it may be hard for us to get to the booking.

This was proved otherwise when, on one occasion, an ambulance was called out and the interpreter in questions managed to cycle to the hospital and arrive twenty minutes before the ambulance!

We're lucky that Exeter has the beautiful river and canal pathways around the city and the many cycle paths it is easy for us to reach various city destinations, avoiding traffic and parking issues.

Here at Deafinite we are actively encouraged  to be more conscious of environmental issues and there is even talk of getting a Deafinite bicycle for the us to use whilst working in and around the city. The main question will be, can we get one in purple?

We are the preferred supplier for the following service providers

  • Devon County Council
  • NHS Devon
  • Exeter City Council
  • Royal Devon and Exeter - NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Devon Healthcare - NHS Foundation Trust
  • Torbay NHS - Care Trust
  • Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education
  • Living Options

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